Swyear Amusements - Size Up

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The list below is the current inventory of rides owned by Swyear Amusements and is intended for reference purposes only because not all of these rides are utilized at any given event. Height requirements and other restrictions are subject to change at any time. It is strongly recommended to review the height requirement and rider restrictions posted in front of each attraction before riding.

Ride Name Ride Type Height Requirement Special Restrictions
Car Ridekiddy36" min or 58" max

Carouselkiddy42" min unless accompanied by an adult

Dizzy Dragonkiddy42" min unless accompanied by an adult

Dual Lane SlidekiddyCheck ride posting at event

Jumping Jumboskiddy36" min unless accompanied by an adult

Magic Dragonkiddy36" minimum; 54" maximum

Speedwaykiddy42" minimum

Super Slidekiddy42" minimum

Wiggle WurmkiddyCheck ride posting at event

Cliff Hangermajor48" minimum

Eagle 16 Ferris Wheelmajor48" minimum

Rock Starmajor48" minimum

ScootermajorCheck ride posting at event

Tilt-A-Whirlmajor46" min unless accompanied by an adult

Tornadomajor48" min or 44" with an adult

Wacky Shackmajor42" min unless accompanied by an adult

Wipeoutmajor48" or moreno single riders

Zippermajor48" or moreno single riders

Spider JumpspecialNo height restrictionsMust weigh no less than 20lbs and no more than 220lbs.